Photo Restoration

We offer a photo restoration service so your photos can look as good as they used to. Quotes are based on the extent of the repair needed and what size print you desire.

Please contact us using the contact form or call us on 07885 512580 for your personal quote.

Please note, we do not repair the original. It is a digital restoration so you will get back the original print and a print of the repaired image.

We have some skilled technicians who specialise in this sort of work. We always like to see the item first in order to prepare a quote. Please either send the item to us or e-mail a high quality scan.

Scanning to digital

Items accepted:

a) Flat items

photos (non copyrighted), documents,  positive slides, (135 or 120 film formats), negatives (135 or 120 film formats)

£0.60 per item

b) Reels or strips of processed films, 135 negative or positive plus 120 film formats.

Reels: £5 per reel or £10.00 per set of strips (a set being a reel’s worth)

Scans can be burnt to disc or saved to a USB flash drive.

Note there is a £10 minimum charge for this service.

We can convert these scans to a Video DVD slideshow with background music. The cost is £20 per 100 scans.