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Cine Film to DVD

film reels

Film accepted: 

  • Standard 8
  • Super 8- silent or with sound

50 ft reel (approx 3” dia) £7.50 per reel

100 ft reel £10 per reel

150 ft reel £12.50 per reel

200 ft reel (approx 5” dia) £15 per reel

250 ft reel £17.50 per reel

300 ft reel £20.00 per reel

350 ft reel £22.50 per reel

400 ft reel £25.00 per reel (approx 7" dia)

The finished movie can be burnt to DVD or put on a USB flash drive. In the case of multiple reels please number them so they can be transferred in date order.

We provide copyright free background music for the silent films. If you require your own please provide a CD with your order (which will be returned along with your films)

Sometimes, due to their age, splices can break. We need to repair these in order to carry out the work. We reserve the right to make a small extra charge for repair work.

Note there is a £20 minimum charge for this transfer work.

Note we have no facilities to convert 16mm film or 9.5mm film.


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